with nature
with nature

Logistic Solutions

> 12 milliontons
of stone by bulk carrier per year
> 5 milliontons
of stone by barge and coaster per year

Team of experts

We have a dedicated team specialized in the global supply of stone by bulk carriers. These experts can support design or re-design of ports to create the most efficient loading and unloading infrastructure, breakwater design and more.

By involving us at an early stage, you will have a partner who works with you to discuss the working method and the design of the project. Experience shows that we can achieve significant savings (both financially and in time) by making small adjustments.

Marine shipping

We use our own dedicated, world’s largest self-loading and unloading bulk carriers in the range of 35,000 up to 100,000 DWT. The delivery of many different types of stone using these ships is possible – from aggregates to quarry stone larger than 10 tons.

Our bulk carriers ship more than 12 million tonnes of rock products per year!

Over the years, we have delivered stone under very challenging conditions to a wide range of projects. See our projects for references of the various options. The applications are diverse: from foundation stone, pipelines, windmills, breakwaters and caissons, to aggregates for concrete, rail or road construction.

Check the fact sheets of our fleet below.

Inland shipping

Inland waterways are an efficient way to transport aggregates to project sites. BONTRUP works with a network of terminals to deliver aggregates across the Benelux, Germany and Switzerland. This environmentally friendly form of transport is the perfect link between deep sea, shortsea and inland.

On annual basis BONTRUP ships more than 5 million tonnes by barge.

As part of its ambition to create sustainable long-term shared value, Bontrup puts a lot of effort in inland shipping networks. The focus is on exclusive contract partners as well as on on-demand market partners. Together with one of its partners BONTRUP invests in the energy transition of inland shipping to transform from fossil fuels to electricity, hydrogen and other potential carbon neutral energy sources. The Bremanger is a great example that brings the energy transition to life, as it’s the most innovative and sustainable barge in the Benelux.


BONTRUP has an experienced team of specialists, each with his own individual knowledge base: from dredging and shipping to quarrying and marine engineering. Using our dedicated crew on the ships, we can source and supply all kinds of stone all around the world, even under the most challenging conditions. And of course, we will continue to ensure the most logical and simple stone delivery method is used.

International projects

Germany - Elbe deepening project

France - Foundation wind turbine plant

Gabon - Port Gentil

Mauritania - Tortue LNG project

Bahamas - Port projects

Russia - Landing site for LNG ships Kaliningrad

Russia - Yamal LNG terminal

Bangladesh - Power plant project at Matarbari (Season 2)

Bangladesh - Power plant project at Matarbari (Season 1)

Uruguay - Transferring operations iron ore

Belgium - Port of Antwerp

France - Port of Calais

Singapore - Tuas Finger Pier 1

Maldives – Rock Armour delivery for various island projects

Senegal - Development of Sangomar field