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Roads, rails & constructions

"Together we create new opportunities for sustainable infrastructures and construction projects for the build environment"

Network of experts

BONTRUP’s network of expert companies, Graniet Import Benelux, Antwerp Stone Terminal, Asfalt Recycle Bedrijf and Kijlstra Beton Amsterdam, is home to international expertise in sourcing, producing, transporting and recycling of high-quality aggregates used for roads, rails and construction industry. In addition, BONTRUP has deep knowledge of mixture designs for all concrete applications.

Terminal & production facilities

BONTRUP’s terminal and production facilities in Amsterdam and Antwerp manage high quality supply of aggregates. The large storage and production capacity make it possible for the various products to be delivered Just-in-Time. In the high season, production and shipping is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BONTRUP works with a wide range of partners in the Benelux, Germany, France and the UK. BONTRUP’s owned terminal and product facilities:
Graniet Import Benelux

Antwerp Stone Terminal

Sustainable and future proof

Infrastructure networks are crucial to enable efficient movement of people and goods, but also have an impact on the environment. With a growing population there is an increasing need for high quality and sustainable infrastructures and constructions.

As part of our sustainable value chain approach, we innovate and invest in research and product development to make the build environment future proof. The carbon footprint per tones is relatively low due our energy neutral crushing process in Bremanger Quarry. Our large bulk carriers provide us a low footprint per transported ton. And last but not least, we take a circular approach to asphalt.

We meet the highest standards as set in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). All products are manufactured under Factory Production Control (FPC), and comply with the highest environmental specifications and verified Life Cycle Analyses


BONTRUP delivers aggregates for all layers that make up a high quality and sustainable road, meeting the strict safety and sustainability criteria. Our Bestone® is by far the most common primary stone used in the roads of the Benelux and makes a significant contribution to the quality of Dutch roads when it comes to safety and noise reduction. The combination of roughness, hardness and homogeneity makes Bestone® very suitable for road building. Requirements for road construction differ across Europe. To meet the different market needs and unique criteria for aggregates, our terminal and production facilities are designed to operate flexibly and can tailor aggregates to meet specific country requirements.


The infrastructure of a railway is complex and requires multi-disciplinary engineering intelligence. BONTRUP’s company Graniet Import Benelux (GIB) is home to our rail intelligence and rock products. Our inhouse rail experts understand the complexity of rail design, strict health and safety requirements and the importance of homogeneous and solid ballast. Bestone® improves stability of the ballast and in this way will better resist movement. Roughness combined with hardness and homogeneity makes Bestone® the best and most common primary stone used as ballast in Dutch rail infrastructure. It complies with all strict health and safety requirements in Europe. Just-in-Time logistics, years of experience, and the highest quality make Graniet Import Benelux the reliable partner for railway construction.

SALT Train

GIB and Railpro are more than 10 years partners for the delivery of track ballast. For both companies, innovation and sustainability has high priority. Bestone® is the ballast deliverd with the SALT train. The cooperation of Bestone® and the SALT train is unique in the market.

“High quality washed ballast delivered precisely in the track, in a safe way, with a low footprint (MKI)”

Detailed info rail Netherlands (in Dutch)

Concrete & ceramics

BONTRUP’s offers a very homogeneous stone, sourced from both Bremanger as well as Glensanda Quarry. The products are made from 100% stone and therefore contain no chloride or organic ingredients This makes them versatile and, because of its purity and grain shape, perfectly suitable for use in concrete.

BONTRUP also supplies products that are designed for the ceramic- and sand lime brick industry, and products with specific focus on applications such as road hardening, dike projects, etc.

International projects

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Netherlands - Circuit Zandvoort

Belgium - Brussels Airport

Netherlands - Asphalt maintenance A2 highway

Curaçao - Queen Juliana bridge

Netherlands - Tunnel A2 Highway