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In our Norwegian Bremanger Quarry, we extract stone called Bestone®.

Bestone® conforms to the highest quality standards as a result of a unique combination of the following three properties:

  • homogeneity: Europe’s most homogeneous stone
  • hardness: the low crushing value prolongs the life for any application
  • high skid resistance: provides lasting skid-resistant, safe roads

With more than 1 billion tons of stone in reserve, Bremanger Quarry can guarantee delivery of consistently high quality stone in the long term.


Energy neutral

At Bremanger Quarry, also known as the “Green Quarry”, the extraction process revolves around sustainability. Major innovative techniques allow us to make optimum use of gravity, which means the stone can be broken in an energy-neutral way. This is achieved with minimal impact on the landscape. These techniques make it possible for us to:

  • generate green electricity
  • break underground in a CO₂-neutral way, completely out of sight, and inside the mountain
  • achieve significant fuel savings by only driving state-of-the-art dump trucks over short, horizontal distances


The quarry is located close to the Norwegian coastal town of Florø, north of Bergen. Thanks to the sheltered bay and a unique floating loading system, we can safely and efficiently load the largest ocean-going ships at up to 5,000 tons per hour. The use of large bulk carriers also ensures a low carbon footprint per ton.


Road construction
The combination of the unique properties means Bestone® is by far the most common primary stone used for infrastructure in the Benelux. As a result, Bestone® makes a significant contribution to the quality and durability of the Dutch road network, which forms a part of the world’s best road networks when it comes to safety and noise reduction.


Maritime projects
Bestone® is also frequently used in maritime projects. Thorough research has been carried out into the use of Bestone Widegrade® in breakwaters. The research shows that this material is extremely suitable for use in the core of a breakwater. It is also very convenient that the logistics and placement of this material is relatively easy. This has been proven in the construction of Maasvlakte 2 (the Netherlands) as well as the breakwater in Calais (France). See projects for more information.

Fallpipe vessels
Bremanger Quarry has delivered large volumes of 1/5″ marine building stone using the Boskalis fallpipe vessels, Jan de Nul, Tideway, and Van Oord.
Investments in recent years have made Bremanger Quarry a reliable supplier of offshore products in fallpipe vessels

Bremanger Quarry distinguishes itself thanks to its:

  • Flexibility: 24/7 loading
  • Speed: due to the high load capacity (up to 5,000 tons per hour), the location close to the open sea, and possibility to load without mooring (on DP), a very short loading cycle can be achieved
  • High production and large storage capacity
  • The right quality!


Click here for more information about the certifications and performance statements we have available.

Top view of Bremanger Quarry

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