with nature
with nature

All about the BONTRUP family business

Vision & Mission

Innovate with nature to build and feed a sustainable society.

The BONTRUP family business creates long-term shared value in a clever way for customers, partners, employees and the company. We innovate with nature to create new opportunities for sustainable infrastructures, offshore developments, logistics and agricultural production. Our entrepreneurial experts are determined to create high performing operations that add value to the economy, society and the environment.


The BONTRUP family business was officially founded in the early sixties, but there is more to this story. A long history of entrepreneurship with a passion for logic and scale. Learn more about the BONTRUP family business as we take you back to 1927…

BONTRUP Heritage


At BONTRUP people are our most important asset. We find it important that our employees continually learn and challenge themselves and each other.

We treat each other with respect and we recognize each other for who we are and what we do. We value teamwork, ownership and empowerment.

In the picture you see Bram Bontrup and Sergey Kovelev. Sergey is one of our agronomists and works for the company for more than 14 years. He is our most senior agronomist and helps to grow the business sustainably in the Ukraine.

What our employees say about working at BONTRUP:
“It’s fulfilling to work at BONTRUP as I can contribute to produce high quality products that are necessary in society. From our gravel and rocks used for building materials to our agricultural yields”
Michiel Peters
“I joined BONTRUP over 15 years ago, and every day I truly enjoy the freedom, trust and respect I get to do my job. It’s a family business with an enormous entrepreneurial drive that makes decisions quickly. Together with my colleagues and clients we have impact across the value chain as we operate and can positively influence from sourcing to usage, and beyond”
Pieter-Jos Blokzijl
"I experience a lot of trust and respect. This allows me to develop myself and grow as a professional and as a person. I really appreciate the flexibility of the organisation and that it takes care of and invests in technology, nature and people"
Svitlana Lakoba
"24 years ago I joined this company as young man. Today, as a Foreman, I manage the work at the terminal and am proud to with in such a great and diverse team. The freedom and trust to try new things gives me a lot of energy and joy every single day"
Kees ter Mate
"I really enjoy working with a team who has a genuine spirit of cooperation and a shared goal. Every day brings a new challenge and I am continually learning"
Emily Saxon
"When I started at this company, 22 years ago, we produced about 800k tons. Today, I'm the Head of Technology and Production, and we produce about 5 million. It's great to be part of this growing company. Every day is different and I love to be outside working with the team"
Rob Cordia

BONTRUP values & behaviours

Our core philosophy is people and performance over process. More specifically, we have great people working together as one team. With this approach, we are a more flexible, fun, innovative, stimulating, collaborative and successful organisation.

Below are our values, the specific behaviours and skills we care about most. If this sounds like you, you would fit our family business.

  • Learn rapidly and eagerly
  • Seek alternative perspectives
  • Make connections that others miss
  • Seek to understand our clients around the world, and how we can better serve them
  • Create new ideas that prove useful
  • Discover solutions to hard problems
  • Challenge prevailing assumptions, and suggest better approaches
  • Remain nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify
  • Thrive on change
Reliable judgement
  • Make wise decisions despite ambiguity
  • Identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms
  • Think strategically, and can articulate what you are trying to do
  • Make decisions based on the long term, not short term
  • Say what we think, when it’s in the best interest of BONTRUP or its customers, even if it is uncomfortable
  • Make tough decisions without agonizing
  • Take smart risks and be open to possible failure
  • Question actions inconsistent with our values
  • Accomplish amazing amounts of important work
  • Demonstrate consistently strong performance so clients and colleagues can rely upon you
  • Make your colleagues better
  • Focus on impact and performance over process

Quality & certificates

BONTRUP always aims deliver the highest quality and comply with or exceed industry standards. Be it in raw materials, operations, partnerships, assets and talents. Constant quality combined with availability is what makes BONTRUP a trusted partner.

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Driven by our vision, mission and values, we constantly strive to positively contribute to sustainable infrastructures, offshore developments, logistics and agricultural production.

At BONTRUP we define sustainability as systematically working to reduce negative impact and enhance positive impacts on people, society and environment by taking a value chain approach. With this approach we aim to sustainably source our raw materials, reduce our operational carbon footprint, follow the principles of circularity, generate energy with nature, care for animals and last but not least drive economic prosperity for our farmer communities.

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Responsible Business

BONTRUP is responsible company and has clear focus areas in which it can make the most relevant impact to build and feed a sustainable society. We safeguard our business principles in our values, but most important in our behaviors. We do what we say. By doing so we are committed to conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. We do this in compliance with applicable international and national laws.

Responsible Business

Family of companies

BONTRUP comprises of a family of companies that all aim to create long-term shared value in a clever way for customers, partners, employees and the company. The business is structured and focused on aggregates, logistics, agriculture and dairy.

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