with nature
with nature

Embed sustainability across the value chain

Sustainable sourcing

Our ultimate goal of sustainable sourcing is to build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers and partners. Improve performance in environmental, social and ethical issues is part of our overall process. At BONTRUP we see sustainable sourcing as one of the enablers of effective supply chain management to foster and build competitive advantage for our business, and in particular our agriculture and dairy business. Our dairy farms use our own sustainably harvested crops to feed the cows, and the manure is used to make the soil more fruitful.

Sustainable agriculture in action

Another example comes from our farms in the Ukraine. We pro-actively use sustainable agriculture methods to preserve soil fertility and reduce land depletion, which enables our clients to source sustainable ingredients. On our farms in the Ukraine, we systematically do scientifically grounded crop rotation, liming of the soil to reduce acidity and the availability of micro- and micro-elements that are in the soil for plants, sowing of sederats (yellow mustard, oil radish) to preserve the structure of the soil and preserve the humus layer, and more.

Reduce our operational carbon footprint

Decarbonizing operations and supply chains through continuously improving energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint of our products, services and processes ultimately serves the planet and our business. For example the design of efficient and low carbon rail transport for our agriculture business in the Ukraine (see picture). At BONTRUP we invest in and take small practical steps that make a big difference.

Green Quarry

Our Bremanger Quarry, also known as the “Green Quarry” or “Green Battery”, is the future renewable energy provider for the region. The intermittent nature of wind makes this current renewable energy source impractical as it imposes large stresses on the electricity grid. Combining wind energy with Pumped Hydro Storage in the future Bremanger artificial basin, can overcome this intermittency. The characteristics of the Bremanger area are ideal to develop a Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) facility. This PHS facility can also serve as a green battery for excess hydropower generated elsewhere in Norway. The current extraction process, which enables the future basin, also revolves around sustainability. Check more detail here

Marine Shipping efficiency

BONTRUP operates across the value chain from aggregate sourcing to delivering the product to the client. This provides the opportunity to optimize the shipping schedule and aim to ship as much as possible on economical speed to reduce fuel consumption. Furthermore, we partner with We4Sea to track the vessel’s efficiency and take action to increase efficiency. Other digital aids have been recently implemented such as weather routing tools to factor in weather and sea state a route to assist the vessel crew in optimizing the sea passage plan. Another action is the installation of an exhaust gas scrubber on our vessel Yeoman BONTRUP. This aims to limit sulphur emissions. Currently BONTRUP is pioneering new scrubber technology on her sister vessel with the aim to implement this fleet wide.

Inland Shipping efficiency

As part of its ambition to create sustainable long-term shared value, BONTRUP puts a lot of effort in inland shipping networks. The focus is on exclusive contract partners as well as on on-demand market partners. Together with one of its partners BONTRUP invests in the energy transition of inland shipping to transform from fossil fuels to electricity, hydrogen and other potential carbon neutral energy sources. Our barge the Bremanger is a great example that brings the energy transition to life, as it’s the most innovative and sustainable barge in the Benelux.

Carbon efficiency in concrete production and delivery

Kijlstra Amsterdam, owned by BONTRUP, invested in more sustainable trucks. The whole fleet now run-on hybrid engines. Unique in the industry.

To reduce the carbon footprint even more, the company now operates a full-electric mixer. This concrete mixer emits no CO2 and nitrogen.

Embed circularity ReDuce ReUse ReCycle

BONTRUP embraces the principles of circularity as we systematically work to reduce negative and enhance the positive impact of our operations and the supply chains we are involved in.

Regarding the materials we use and produce, we aspire to Reduce, ReUse and ReCycle as much as possible, by taking a regenerative approach.

This is underpinned by a transition to renewable energy sources.

Generate energy with nature

BONTRUP always seeks to work with the logic and power of nature to generate energy. The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is crucial to tackle the issue of climate change. BONTRUP aims to innovate with nature to generate energy in a clever way.

For example, using gravity as energy source running the 1,5km conveyer belt in the Bremanger Quarry.

In its agriculture and dairy business, BONTRUP has plans to generate energy based on biomass.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a top priority for BONTRUP’s Dairy business. We take care of our cows, heifers and kalfs to the fullest extent possible. They are the most important asset on the farm. And importantly, a healthy, happy cow produces more milk.

Our dairy business in the US is actively involved in the National Dairy FARM programme. The FARM Animal Care programme is science-based with evaluation areas that are cow-focused. Additionally, the FARM Animal Care Program is facility and herd-size neutral. It includes cow and facility observations that are used to verify high animal care standards. This helps us to improve and increase standards if and when needed. Why? We love our cows and are determined to take excellent care of our animals. Every year, we participate in on-farm evaluations to demonstrate that we walk the talk to our customers.

Economic prosperity for our farmer communities

Agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to boost shared prosperity and feed a projected 9.7 billion people by 2050. BONTRUP is committed to and actively contributing to improving the livelihoods of the farmer community in the region of Shostka and Glukhiv in the Ukraine.

Initiatives vary from improving the labour market by offering jobs to local residents, supporting education, health and social programmes. BONTRUP works in partnership with local residents and governments, such as village and city councils, to initiate and provide funding for the development of these programmes.

Support is provided to educational and medical institutions. Since the start in 2007 the ‘BONTRUP’ volleyball and football tournament have become an annual tradition. Over the past three years, about 2.3 million UAH have been allocated for charitable assistance to the population of the villages in the Shostka and Glukhiv regions.