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with nature

BONTRUP terminal and production facility in Port of Amsterdam

Graniet Import Benelux

With Graniet Import Benelux, we offer the sustainable solution for high quality stone with a wide scope of applications in the construction sector. Its location in the port of Amsterdam is an ideal gateway.

The large storage and production capacity make it possible for the various products to be delivered Just-in-Time. In the high season, production and shipping is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Graniet Import Benelux is fully certified for the Belgian and Dutch market. In case you would like to receive Performance Declarations, please submit the request via the CONTACT FORM.

Certificates for our key countries


The environment must be cherished, and raw materials are scarce. This is why we, as the sustainable producer of primary aggregates in the Benelux since 2013, take reducing CO₂ emissions per ton even more seriously. We do this by involving all our staff and by choosing the right investments.

There are now various initiatives to achieve this within our company, as well as in cooperation with other parties with whom we work. Our employees are happy to ensure you are kept well informed about the latest situation.

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The combination of roughness, hardness and homogeneity makes Bestone® from our Norwegian quarry, Bremanger Quarry, very suitable for road building.

Bestone® is by far the most common primary stone used in the roads of the Benelux. Bestone® makes a significant contribution to the quality of Dutch roads when it comes to safety and noise reduction.

More about Bremanger Quarry

Scottish Granite

Scottish granite is a very homogeneous stone that we import from the Scottish quarry, Glensanda Quarry.

Scottish granite is versatile and, because of its purity and grain shape, perfectly suitable for use as aggregate material in concrete.


We supply to various construction industries where quality, flexibility, sustainability and scale are inextricably linked. GIB supplies stone for:

Road construction due to, among other things, the unique combination of roughness, hardness and homogeneity.

The concrete industry: due to the homogeneity and purity, both Bestone® and Scottish granite are ideal for concreting. The products are made from 100% stone and therefore contain no chloride or organic ingredients

Railway construction. Just-in-Time logistics, years of experience, and the right quality make GIB the reliable partner for railway construction.

Ceramic and sand lime brick industry: road hardening, dike projects, etc.